Fünf Minuten vor Erschaffung der Welt

Fünf Minuten vor Erschaffung der Welt

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Fünf Minuten vor Erschaffung der Welt

"While eating on the terrace, I had talked about the need to live in the moment, to look for happiness precisely in the niches of waiting, of transition; had talked myself into an enthusiasm that was itself born of the moment."

"And I realize how tremendous the difference is between dying and being dead; that a dying person is still there, but a dead person is not, and that a living person like me never grasps this fact; and sympathy for Wilhelm sets in."

When the head of the institute, Professor Krautmann, suddenly disappears, Georg Grissmann has to bury his hopes for a career as a local historian. One night, a private detective visits him and informs him that the billionaire William Grissmann is dying in America. Since he is without direct heirs, he has decreed that whichever Grissmann arrives first should inherit him. Georg is the first to arrive at his deathbed and inherits the immense fortune. When he accidentally meets Krautmann again, he tries to turn back time with the help of his wealth.

A melancholic novel about home and an unexpected billion-dollar fortune.

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Author: Wolf Christian Schröder

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21 x 12,5 cm