Triz. Baumchronist - Kunst-Erzählungen

Triz. Baumchronist - Kunst-Erzählungen

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Triz. Baumchronist. A photo from 1933, in which Max Pechstein is drawing his son Mäki, looking at the seven-year-old sitting opposite him at the small table. He looks sullenly at his father's drawing. Pechstein's drawing hand over the sheet pauses, assures itself in the look to the boy. During this pause, a father and his autistic son look at the photo in the Zwickau Art Collections. Again and again, the two have a hard time communicating about what they are experiencing together: a row of trees in the wind, the sky above the garden, a fidgety mobilé by George Rickey, the emergence of cobwebs, "La Dance" by Matisse, a fireplace. But from the paused triangle of the photo, Pechstein and Mäki and drawing, the two viewers derive a sign of agreement: Triz, the boy in front of the photo, holds out a three to his father. What this three looks like, how it has developed from the laborious exchange, we will see. For now, let's look at the Pechstein photograph with them and in their so different ways. And follow George Rickey's "Four Lines Oblique Giratory." And look at clouds over the trees in the garden. - And then it's time for Triz to make a new sign.

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Author: Axel Dielmann

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12,5 x 18 cm
October 2023