Summer on the Subway

Summer on the Subway

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Summer on the Subway is an uncut story of coming of age in a decade of climate change, pandemic, and war. Through poetry, it seeks to understand what it means to be human, documenting the journey between the raindrops of self and the world that surrounds it. Time is lost between the moment you board the train and the stop, hot and bright as summer and at the same time cold and dark as the tunnels.

Voices on Summer on the Subway and Sophia Alexandra:

I like the earthy quality of the verse. "I'm still deciding/ I probably will be forever"- Indeed!

-Peter Wortsmann (New York)

This poetry is truly precocious, pensive, introspective. In America Ann Sexton comes to mind, in Europe Hilda Morley comes to mind, а treasure who opens you up to a whole world of sentiment to which you could strive for.

-Robert Lundquist (Los Angeles)

A real understanding of the demands of poetry for interaction, reciprocity and movement exploring in equal measure the arena of the contemporary catastrophes and the realm of the intimate.

-Tzveta Sofronieva (Berlin)

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Author: Sophia Alexandra

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Foldout Brochure
17 x 21 cm
November 2023