Sell Your Bones

Sell Your Bones

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Sell Your Bones

SELL YOUR BONES, Reid Mitchell's first collection, consists largely of poems reacting to China and with Chinese literature in translation. Sinologist and poet Wolfgang Kubin describes it in this way. "We do find a lot of great poems in this volume which more or less have also to do with places out of China, but most of the verses we read here got their inspirations from encounters with places like Qingdao, Beijing or Hong Kong. In this respect Reid is a Weltbürger, a cosmopolite. His friends are Chinese poets of the past."

With a postscript by Wolfgang Kubin.

Voices about Reid Mitchell and Sell your Bones

Reid Mitchell is a Scotsman from New Orleans based in the People's Republic of China. His poetry is a distant echo of great Tang dynasty poets like Li Bai and Du Fu who created world literature under difficult conditions in dark and bloody times.

– Hans Christoph Buch

His poems embody a tender wreckage as they move through disparate worlds. From New Orleans to Fujian, these are poems of great range and ponder what it means to be delicately alive.

– Tina Chang

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Softcover with flaps
21 x 12,5 cm
February 2019