RUA 17

RUA 17

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From every world there is an exit ...

In 2084, people live with so-called assistants, humanoid robots that perform different functions. They nurse, care for and monitor the elderly, who live separately from the rest of the population in a shabby old town neighborhood, the RUA. To the other, younger people in the posh West Rim neighborhood, they serve as domestic servants and smart entertainers. A former Latin teacher, a resident of the RUA whom everyone calls Master, grows increasingly suspicious: Why are he and the others gradually losing their memories? Where do the assistants take the very old people they regularly pick up? And where is the roommate who disappears without a trace one day? Meister investigates and becomes the target of the all-powerful SYSTEM that controls all processes. He receives support from, of all people, his stubborn but curious pupil from the West Rim settlement and her favorite assistant. An unequal struggle for freedom and self-determination begins.

Voices about RUA 17 and Volker Kaminski:

Volker Kaminski plays out the oppressive scenario in the year 2084 - but he also gives courage, because even total control cannot break man's will for freedom. A highly topical and exciting novel.

- Marcus Jensen, author and editor of the literary magazine Am Erker

Volker Kaminski is the grab bag among writers (...)

- (akr) Reutlinger General-Anzeiger

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Author: Volker Kaminski

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14 x 21 cm
October 2023