Nach Auffinden des Flugschreibers - Eine Auslese

Nach Auffinden des Flugschreibers - Eine Auslese

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Anyone who mines and reads out a flight recorder wants to listen in on the last conversations in the cockpit and also draw conclusions from the stored data about the triggers of the accident. Accordingly, Horstmann makes us ear- and eye-witnesses of those 'stalls' from which we are no more spared in our private lives than as victims of murderous power-political air numbers. All this would be devastating if it were not for the other flight recorders, the ones made of flesh and blood, who sign the sky high above our heads for three months a year as swift, martinet, vencejo, rondone, as Apus apus, Spyr and swift.

Voices on Nach Auffinden des Flugschreibers - Eine Auslese and Ulrich Horstmann:

"Ulrich Horstmann is - can you say that? - an 'incident'. He drew from this the logical consequence for him: if others declared him [crashed and] dead, he might as well do so himself. And not only that. He also let his literary alter ego, Klaus Steintal, depart from life. However, this did not prevent both of them from continuing to display immense productivity and to let off steam in the 'Pointenreich' as they pleased." (Walter Gödden, "Afterword" to the reading book Ulrich Horstmann)

Horstmann sharpens the evil eye on human history.

- Die Zeit

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Author: Ulrich Horstmann

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14 x 21 cm
October 2023