Frank Hahn

Frank Hahn, born in Hamburg, now lives in Berlin, where he works as a Gestalt therapist. As a freelance journalist and author, he has published a number of essays. For years, he has been interested in language thinking and dialogical philosophy, about which he has written two books: Der Sprache vertrauen - der Totalität entsagen, Annäherungen an das Sprachdenken Franz Rosenzweigs (2013) and Sprache als Gleichnis - zwei Studien zu Frank Rosenzweig (2020). Hahn also regularly writes reviews of literary works for the online magazine "tell". He is also the chairman of the Kulturverein Spree-Athen e.V., which has been inviting people to lectures and round tables on the border areas between philosophy, literature, religion and psychology for the past 15 years. Brennendes Treibeis is Hahn's debut novel.

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