Fawzi Boubia

Fawzi Boubia is a German-Moroccan humanities scholar and German-language writer. He sees himself as a citoyen of the Orient and Occident and, as a comparatist and cultural scholar, advocates for a culture of dialogue in the Mediterranean region.

After earning a master's degree in literature and political science, Boubia was also awarded the title of "Doctor of Philosophy" by the University of Heidelberg and obtained the Habilitation at the Université Paris IV-Sorbonne a few years later. As a professor of German literature and cultural history, he taught at the Universities of Rabat and Caen and also took on courses at the Universities of Heidelberg and Karlsruhe. Boubia is a Germanist, philosopher, writer and historian specializing in the field of relations between the Orient and the Occident. His publications are mainly in German, but also in French and Arabic. 

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