The Great Game

The Great Game

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The Great Game – Berlin-Warsaw Express and Other Stories

The Great Game is a collection of eighteen short stories. The American West is supposed to be wild compared to the East. In Europe, it is the other way around. Lederer has lived in and writes about each of these places. He finds the differences are not as convenient as the myths. A hitchhiking trip across America. A drunk horse in California. A train from Berlin to Warsaw. Powerlessness among the rich. Innocence in New York City. Home. These are some of the themes explored in this book.

Voices about Michael Lederer and The Great Game

"In the stories of Michael Lederer, there is a beautiful sense of loss, as if the author deliberately and thoroughly erected a fine building, and then a ruthless movement destroyed it in front of you. These ruins are fascinating."
– Vladimir Sorokin (Bestselling Russian Author)

"Now that Michael Lederer has published his first book of short stories, his fans can hope he keeps bringing his suave intellect to the printed page for years to come. He writes with the intensity of an ancient soul sitting around the camp fire spinning ardent tale after tale to warm the winter night. A real treat."
– John Guare (Tony Award winning American playwright)

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