Von der Kunst

Von der Kunst

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Von der Kunst – Kunst wahrnehmen, Kunst verstehen und über Kunstwerke reden zu können

For the typical viewer, noticing art, understanding art, and discussing works of art tend to come naturally. The viewer sees what he sees, hears what he is able to hear, and senses that to which he is open. This is all he has to do in order to live in seeming accordance with his artistic surroundings.

However, instructing others in the perception of artwork is another kind of art in itself, an art of not just judging or communicating about but through art. It is in this sense that in the field of art education the logic of the images on the one hand and the logic of comprehension on the other coalesce. The logic of images is revealed through the interaction between depiction and reflection, the analysis of the medium of artworks, and the logic of the message in contention with its possibilities.

This book provides access points to art - to the observation and understanding of art, and to the ability to discuss through art - by introducing three different frameworks of differentiating between relevant historical periods and their analytical and synthetic components.

The appendix includes a selection of the graphic and sculptural work of artist Brigitte Henker-Hansmann, accompanied by discussions of these pieces by art historian Andrea-Katharina Schraepler.

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Author Otto Hansmann

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Softcover with flaps
18 x 12,5 cm
June 2021