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Undinen – Unmögliche Liebesgeschichten

UNDINES don’t necessarily possess the body of a fish as the Undines in fairy tales do, and they aren’t found exclusively in water either, but can also be seen in places such as the supermarket or at a piano concert. In a collection of 15 short stories, Reinhard Knodt shows how relationships take shape regardless of how impossible they may seem, and how they can come to an end despite the strongest sentiments. There is a rich variety of different encounters–even with an angel the author makes an attempt. But the hindrances are defined by compulsory logic and are at times so absurdly beautiful that finally one just has to admit that only the constant struggle to avoid the end could be the true convention of love; the fact that a marriage survives at all is grounds for contemplation of a higher philosophy.

How do the love stories start and how do they end? What is an encounter and what is the most sensitive part of this meeting, what happens when people break up? Why does it happen so often and yet seldom go well? What is true love betrayal? Why do we miss out on the best opportunities? Why do relationships fail despite love, and why do the most curious love affairs last? Conclusive answers to these questions are virtually nonexistent, which is where the Undines come in: impossible love stories from the most fleeting to the most deeply touching, which come together to form just one conclusion: Love is strong like grass.

With 6 pictures by Gabriela Dauerer.

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Author Reinhard Knodt

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Softcover with flaps
21 x 12,5 cm
October 2015