Tagebuch eines frischvermählten Dichters

Tagebuch eines frischvermählten Dichters

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Tagebuch eines frischvermählten Dichters

In 1916 Juan Ramón Jiménez undertook a sea voyage from Cádiz to New York to marry Zenobia Camprubí, with which he had been in a relationship for three years. Zenobia would today be called a “strong woman” – in Spain she has been an icon for feminists for some time. Educated and enterprising, she also supported her husband, whose literary interests she shared. In his lyrical diary Juan Ramón Jiménez tells of his long journey, of his late setting out from the world of his Andalusian childhood, of his impressions in the New World, of longing and union. ree themes – the sea, love and America – are artfully interwoven in this book. In addition to impressionistically descriptive parts and elementary and at the same time ambivalent poems that anticipate Jiménez’s later poesia pura, there are also satirical texts that zero in on American society. Tagebuch eines frischvermählten Dichters also bears witness to the curiosity which European littérateurs had for the quickly rising USA. It is an immediate predecessor to García Lorca’s Poet in New York.

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Author Juan Ramón Jiménez

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21 x 14 cm
German, translated from Spanish by Leopold Federmair
October 2017