Rosa Krabben auf Papier.

Rosa Krabben auf Papier.

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Rosa Krabben auf Papier. – Vincent van Gogh und Paul Gauguin. Zwei Wege. Ein Ziel.

Conceived as a theatre play, it is also a reading drama ...

Of course, they are mostly fictitious conversations. But based on the written estates of both painters. Both fanatics, zealots, eccentrics and egotists. Qualities without which expressive art cannot be created, cannot be created. Which also make the clash with the contemporaries and their common views inevitable. Both seized by a tremendous passion . A painter is not an actor. His struggle is real. And a painting is the document of one. And these traces are understood by sensitive viewers and lovers. Pictures must be battlefields or they are decoration.

The lives of van Gogh and Gauguin could hardly be more different. One came as a poor missionary from the misery of the Borinage coal field, the other as a speculator and banker on the Paris stock exchange. Both failed. Each in his own field. Each in his own field. Both will paint. In Arles, in the Yellow House, they will dress and they will repel each other. Two opposing characters. They separate. Gauguin flees civilization, goes to the South Seas and dies there. Van Gogh flees into madness and commits suicide. Today, both are considered to be among the most aesthetically and economically impressive painters of the 19th century.

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Author Manfred Giesler

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Softcover with flaps
14,8 x 10,5 cm
December 2020