Parra Poesie

Parra Poesie

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Parra Poesie

“Those who, just as Nicanor Parra, write 'anti poems' need to have a deeper understanding about the nature of poetry. Going on his rollercoaster ride is well worth it – he descended Mount Olympus along with every other poet after all! But be careful because (anti) poems can, according to Parra, cause blindness, confusion among the police, attacks, and even death. But fortunately they can also save the enironment and one's own splendid head of hair first.

In 2014 Nicanor Parra celebrated his one hundrieth birthday. While there were celebrations for the poet, who has been nominated for the Nobel Prize many times, all over Chile and other Latin American countries, Europeans needed to follow their media more closely to find articles referring to this occasion. To mend this unbalanced relationship, physicist and poet Ingolf Brökel selected and freely translated some of Parra's poetry, which you find in this book.” (from the epilogue by Nils Bernstein)

With black and white photographs by Ulrike Ertel.

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Author Nicanor Parra

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21 x 14 cm
German, translated from Spanish by Ingolf Brökel
September 2016