Night Swim

Night Swim

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Night Swim

Dorothea Flechsig has found the key to understanding the world in solitude and retreat. Her inspiration derives from nature, careful observation and a spirit of poetic invention. The simple yet evocative language of her poems plunges us into emotional depths. With a light and tender touch, Dorothea Flechsig strings together verbal images to dreamy effect, and takes us on a journey, whether under water, into the mountains, or to the middle of a war zone. The collection of poems Nachtbad / Night Swim invites the reader to come for a swim, and become immersed in reflections which release, liberate and heal wounds, or else unearth feelings which have long been buried.

With many colourful illustrations from Uta Munzinger. English translation by Erica Stenfalt.

Excerpt from the book

Night's Delight
She’s hiding a secret
Silken stars sparkle
Behind the clouds
The mystical moon drifts drowsily
In amorous rapture
Two heavenly bodies dance deliriously
Around the silent planet
Until dawn lights up the sky
As the stars flicker and die

Winter Dream

The night chuckles with delight

Frozen flakes float down from a vast sky
As peace descends on the ice
Frosting thin-skinned waves
The age-old festive dream smiles
One faint star glimmers secretly
In benevolent sunlight
As the King tirelessly creates
Countless gleaming crowns
For each and every
Dreamer of the world

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Author Dorothea Flechsig

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21,6 x 15,2 cm
March 2016