Jetzt malt der auch noch!

Jetzt malt der auch noch!

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In an entertaining and humorous voice, actor and painter Bruno F. Apitz (known as Hauptkommissar Hans Moor from ZDF series "Notruf Hafenkante") describes his experiences from his small Berlin art gallery and tells of his encounters with very diverse people. People arriving, leaving, staying and returning, all those random and oftentimes quite surprising encounters, funny, absurd, but also moving, even sad. From an old sea dog, blown lonely by the gales of life, and who now gifts shark's teeth as a token of gratitude for hearing him out, from Winnie, the little hobgoblin, who often comes to visit the artist in his gallery, but fears spiders, from a lady who has reconnected with her Highschool sweetheart after 40 years, to fall in love once more like a young girl. From Motte, Rita and all the others ... With a keen gift for observation and through spirited dialogue, the author paints the stories and fortunes, dreams and ambitions of all those people, also admitting glimpses into his own feelings, thoughts and experiences. So by the by, we learn what Bruno F. Apitz thinks of tattoos, why he will only buy coffee with a lid on and what he thinks of gendering.

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"Bruno F. Apitz rummages through our society in a most moving and authentic manner, with a loving eye for detail. I can promise great fun reading and plenty to talk about after."

- Isabel Varell (TV presenter, actress, author)

"Anyone who likes people will love this book. Bruno F. Apitz captures the magic inherent in those tiny encounters with strangers in the most bold and joyful colors, as he would in one of his paintings."

- Daniele Rizzo (Comedian and TV presenter)

"A book about joy of life, enjoying one another's company and the power of art. At once funny, profound and very true. Such a pleasure! Just like a huge piece of cake from the bakery next door ..."

- Michael Pommerening (TV journalist)

"... a publication of about 150 pages that you can't put down once you've started reading. (...)"

- Heidrun Voigt, Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung

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21 x 14 cm
October 2022