In the Widdle Wat of Time

In the Widdle Wat of Time

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In the Widdle Wat of Time – Poems and very short stories

In the Widdle Wat of Time is a collection of poems and very short stories. Poems include sonnets, haiku, erotic and prose poetry, lyrics, children's poetry … the common theme being that a poet like all people has many sides: Mature, child-like, hopeful, cynical, sincere, ironic, political, up-to-his-ears and over-his-head in politics, groping for answers amid the questions.

From In The Widdle Wat Of Time:

Far from the F-22s being deployed now to Europe
Far from the prison cell where the one who spoke is silenced
Far from the bombs and bullets
Far from the bodies being washed upon the shore
Far from the old who have seen it all before
Far from the young who will never grow old
Far from those who profi t by it
Far from all of that
I watch my apples grow
Some mornings I can even smell them from the window


I tried not to fall
But there was nothing to hold onto But the falling


Roses are blue, violets are red
LSD taught me it's all in my head


God bless America...and everywhere else


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Author Michael Lederer

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15,2 x 21,6 cm
March 2016