Falltüren des Himmels

Falltüren des Himmels

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Falltüren des Himmels – Eine kleine Vogelkunde

"Falltüren des Himmels. Eine kleine Vogelkunde" is a collection of 50 years of Karl Corino's poems about birds.

The style of this poetry is diverse - it ranges from strict rhythm and rhymed stanzas to free verse. Sharp, piercing miniatures accompany wide-sweeping, ballad-like forms. The thematic horizon stretches as wide as the style. It covers scientific experiments as well as genetic counterfeits and their political implications (Lysenko, Stalin), historical reminiscences of the First World War (Walter Flex) with nothing other than an ecological foresight, ancient superstition next to sober prognosis, childhood memories side by side with animal parables on observations of society, formal language intimately tied to the patois.

Rolf Göbler's illustrations evoke the great animal artworks of the 19th and 20th centuries, the popular works of which the author, as a child growing up in the country, became familiar with via scrapbooks, images which nevertheless taught him the basics of art.

Göbler's naturally formulated bird watercolors delight the viewer through a delicately applied atmosphere of color. In contrast to these muted tones, the birds shine with intense signal effect through the concise use of opaque and opalescent colors. The viewer's eye is then drawn, somewhere in the background, to emerging abstract structures, which transform into flying geese, a toad, stretches of sparkling water.

We experience here an attractive design aesthetic, wherein words and images lead through the imagination of the viewer to an expanded poetic practice of reading.

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Author Karl Corino

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Softcover with flaps
21 x 17 cm
May 2016