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Always include all imaginable and unimaginable possibilities and impossibilities in all thinking, all things done or left undone.

A courier, on the road every day on his motorcycle to carry out orders reliably and discretely, is supposed to pick up a bag at the airport. Due to a mix-up, he brings his client the wrong bag, which contains a USB stick instead of the expected delivery. The client refuses to accept the bag and asks the courier to take the bag and stick with him. This makes him the object of those who absolutely need this content and will stop at nothing. He barely survives a robbery and one day meets a man at a kiosk who looks exactly like him on the outside, but is completely different on the inside. The courier persuades his spitting image to join him as a messenger and equips him with the same motorcycle and the same outfit. A plan that his girlfriend, the kiosk owner and doctor of psychology, thinks is ingenious, overlooking the fact that agents can also shadow two men in the same way in order to reach their goal. In the process, chases ensue, mix-ups occur, those involved don't always know who is who, until ultimately the threats become so rampant that a final twist must occur to prevent the worst from happening. A fast-paced spy thriller, enriched with conversations at the table in front of the kiosk, where the courier and his spitting image philosophically present their own, sometimes contradictory views and seem to ignore the imminent danger.

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Author: Klaus Ferentschik

Artist: Klaus Ferentschik

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12.5 x 21 cm
June 2023