Die Gelbe Tapete (Audio Book)

Die Gelbe Tapete (Audio Book)

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Die Gelbe Tapete

An adaptation for stage (monolog) from the 1892 first published short story by Charlotte Perkins Gilman.

Writing a little.... It doesn't work....
I can't hang onto my thoughts.
When I grab one,
the words just don't come to me.
And then it's gone again... the thought...
And when I have both, the thought and the words,
I can't manage to write.
Every word sounds hollow, every thought empty.
I'm already unreservedly exhausted.
Weak nerves, says John. Weak nerves.
John is a doctor, you know, and a respected psychologist

"In his pieces, Manfred Giesler shows us in an individual, powerful language clear links between revolution, reality, and insanity. The insanity becomes an alternative world in which nothing is valid. True revolution can only ever be irrational." – Nicola May (Bern Theatre)

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Author Manfred Giesler


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41 min.
1 MP3 CD
German, translated from English by Abigail Fagan
November 2020