Der Schatten der Zypressen

Der Schatten der Zypressen

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Der Schatten der Zypressen

Der Schatten der Zypressen, a book by philosopher and writer Wiebrecht Ries, is a work of remembrance. It follows the call “Look Homeward, Angel!” The time that gives everything and takes everything. Grief and revolt. A desperate attempt to secure a remembrance for the beloved dead, their forgotten life, in posterity. Unhappiness of the family, failure of love, loneliness, and also the phenomenon of death during the years of teaching at the university, establish the right to radical questions in a philosophy that sees itself as art in the discovery of a "second reality". The triad of language worlds, image worlds, dream worlds becomes audible. "In the moonlight, the black fans of the cypresses sway." Their shadow in the literature of classical modernism casts the outline of the impenetrable underground of human existence on the soul life. Using Franz Kafka as an example, the author shows that behind the "Hoftor" lies an alien world. Horsemen with "high lances" become visible, their tips flashing in the depth of the room. It is about “Grenzgänge” between reality and dream at the edge of a mysterious world of the hidden. It is uncanny and not without danger. A physiognomy of the psyche corresponds to it. Nightly wrestling with "bone disease", fear of approaching death. His announcement is told by screams of the jackdaws "Away!" The book makes visible the "gloomy housemate" in a back room of the attic. He seems to be asleep. In his dream, he speaks incomprehensible words in a bird language. If he opens his eyes, your process begins.

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Author Wiebrecht Ries
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December 2020