Bilder, die ins Vergessen führen

Bilder, die ins Vergessen führen

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Bilder, die ins Vergessen führen

Anyone who wants to understand the irrepressible dynamism of Western civilization should compare its images with those of China. In doing so, it becomes clear that our art has been shaped by hope and that this is why it looks so spellbound to the future. In the meantime, the urge to look to the future has taken hold of the entire world, and thus also of China. Here, however, it encounters deep-seated resistance that may yet surprise us.

Voices about Matthias Drescher and Bilder, die ins Vergessen führen

"I also suspect that at the core of Drescher's view is the confidence that the Chinese usurpation of our Western fantasies of omnipotence will instruct us that strength lies in perseverance and not in the ludicrous overbidding of meaningless novelties."

- From the preface by Bazon Brock, professor (emeritus) of aesthetics and cultural mediation, University of Wuppertal

"... highly stimulating tour d'horizon through European art history, with interesting interpretations of well-known European artworks and illuminating comparative side glances at a Chinese artistic counterworld."

- Karl-Heinz Pohl, professor (emer.) of sinology, University of Trier

"Fascinating and thoroughly stimulating tour de force through European art history."

- Christine Bartlitz, Leibniz Center for Contemporary History Research, Potsdam

"insofar (...) a work of art about works of art."

-Wolfgang Kubin, Professor (em.) for Sinology, University of Bonn

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Author: Matthias Drescher

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18 x 12,5 cm