Beach Lovers

Beach Lovers

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Beach Lovers

The book deals with a universal phenomenon: Man and the Sea. In his photos, Jörg Rubbert creates and captures an atmosphere of endless summer. The sea serves as backdrop for the self-presentation and as one of the few places where freedom seems attainable and can be lived. Pleasure and pure zest for life are in the forefront. It is the lightness of being that is reflected in his pictures. The protagonists in the photographs – whether promenading, relaxing, gazing at the sea or showing off – are real and share with us their unique ‘beach-feeling’. The photo series covers a period of more than 30 years and encompasses the boardwalks of the East and West Coast of the Americas to the beach promenades along the Côte d’Azure. Rubbert furthers a humanistic form of photography which aspires to portray an individual in their own social context. His photographs have been shown in several exhibitions, national and international photo festivals, and featured in numerous media, i.a. CNN, ZEIT, FAZ, WELT, Tagesspiegel, PHOTO International, Photo Klassik and in the magazine PHOTOGRAPHIE.

With 157 color photos.

Voices about Jörg Rubbert and Beach Lovers

"Rubbert tells of the relationship between people and the sea. Rubbert is a street photographer in the wonderfully classic sense, only this time he wasn’t strolling along the streets of the cities of the world, but the beaches of the world. He succeeds in wonderfully rough, direct, sharply observed images, which in their immediate imperfection remind me again and again of Winogrand."

– Jürgen Bürgin,

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June 2020