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Art Stations – Between Architecture and Art

In the course of his work, landscape architect Kamel Louafi developed his own position on “Art in the public space” based on varied experiences. Endless discussions and conflicts over the third party art projects in his outdoor complexes convinced him to also place his own art in the gardens he designs and thus occupy the topic of “art” there himself. Art which only works in this specific place. Art which is created in complement to the design of outdoor areas.

In his book, Kamel Louafi describes the objects, spaces and sculptural works which were complementarily designed within the draft structure of the outdoor installations. They are part of the ensemble and Louafi’s interpretation of its history, the place, the vision, they are part of the landscape. Every artistic approach and sculpture has been designed with reference to the overall project and can’t be transplanted to a different place, they underline their autonomy without ignoring the context.

A creation first comes into being like a painting, from several layers. Geometry, references, requirements form the first layers, they are taken up again, instrumentalized, arranged, expanded and make up the overall composition’s first outlines. The first layer is superimposed with the second one, they blend and form a new layer. The first silhouettes arise in the process of creation, the image takes shape, the intentions become visible, the interpretation takes form. The imaginary is articulated, it expresses emotions, an appearance is formed, the eye discovers creation. It is about articulating the invisible, to materialize it and, at the same time, reject the ignorance of context and to connect the art works to the landscape.

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Author Kamel Louafi

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17 x 10,5 cm
German, English, French, Arabic
September 2018