Ach, mein Kosovo!

Ach, mein Kosovo!

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Ach, mein Kosovo!

The hero of the novel "Ach, Mein Kosovo" joins the Kosovo Liberation Army in 1998, but then swaps his rifle for a stethoscope because he is a future medical doctor.

Before Taras Galani goes to war, he had lived in Germany for several years. But nothing can hold him as the situation in his homeland escalates. The novel by Mechthild Henneke is based on true events and takes up themes of our time: War, flight and life between two cultures. The author is driven by the question: What is worth fighting for? and even more: What does that do to you? Taras outgrows himself as a medic and field doctor, throws himself into adventures and begins to doubt his mission. The novel ends with the withdrawal of the Serbs, but this is not a victory for Taras.

Voices on Mechthild Henneke and Ah, My Kosovo!

"In Mechthild Henneke's novel, we penetrate deep into the mind and heart of a young Kosovar. The book offers important material for conversation for people who have experienced this story firsthand. "

– Beqe Cufaj (writer/ diplomat, Berlin)

"It is an unusual war novel because it is less about killing than about saving lives. Taras Galani is a hero you would like to have as a friend - even in good times."

– Christine Dankbar (journalist, Berlin)

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November 23, 2021