Volker Kaminski

Volker Kaminski was born in Karlsruhe, studied German and philosophy in Freiburg and Berlin, where he now lives as a freelance writer. In addition to short stories and columns (Berliner Zeitung) he has published numerous novels (e.g. "Rot wie Schnee" 2016 and "Auf Probe" 2018 with Wortreich). Most recently, his literary thriller "Der Gestrandete" was published (Lindemann's Library, 2019). He regularly reviews novels from the Arabic-speaking world for Deutsche Welle. Since 2014, he has been a lecturer at the Alice Salomon Hochschule in Berlin, where he teaches in a master's program in Creative Writing. He received several scholarships, such as the Alfred Döblin Scholarship, the scholarship of the Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg and the scholarship Künstlerhaus Edenkoben.

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