Michael J. Wewerka

Michael J. Wewerka was born in Berlin in 1936 and worked in a variety of professions from a gas station attendant and taxi driver to art dealer, film producer, publisher and poet. After studying media studies, philosophy, and psychology at the Freie Universität Berlin, he dedicated himself to the medium of film. He produced some documentaries and fictional films which reflect the social and political climate of Berlin in the 70ies. Wewerka opened his first gallery shortly after. He explicitly focused on contemporary art and his gallery gained international attention. 

Simultaneously with the start of his gallery, he began writing and painting. In 1982 he published two poetry collections "Gefährliche Töne" and "Tropfen auf dem heißen Stein". In 1992 he published "La muerte de Fenix" in Spanish and in 2014 the Czech-German bilingual poetry collection "Čas zralosti/Aus dem Sand der Phantasie". 

Currently he does not only dedicate his life to poetry and stories but also to his paintings whose style "opposes the chaos of the contemporary world."

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