Kamel Louafi

Kamel Louafi, born in Batna, Algeria, is an Algerian-German author, topographer, landscape architect and artist. He initially studied topography in Algeria and France and worked for the ministry for forest inventory and land development in Algeria. 1980-1986 he studied landscape design at the TU Berlin and in 1996 founded his own landscape architecture firm in Berlin. Since 2000 he is a curator member at the architectural gallery AEDES, Berlin, since 2017 council member at the Centrum für Gartenkunst und Landschaftsarchitektur (CGL) in Hannover, and member of the commission for urban design in Algiers, Algeria.

Louafi’s projects as a landscape architect and artist include the gardens at the World’s Fair EXPO 2000 in Hannover, the new Königsplatz in Kassel (2003), the Oriental Garden in the Gardens of World in Berlin (2005), the “Bocage-Park” at Bremen Airport (2007), the Opernplatz in Hannover (2009), the “Place de la Résistance” in Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxemburg (2014), the town hall square Trammplatz Hannover (2015), the Welfengarten Hannover (2018), as well as the garden complex of the “Sheikh Zayid” Mosque in Abu Dhabi (2003) and the Ziban Garden in Biskra, Algeria (2017). All of his projects are marked by the integration of his artworks, usually in bronze. 

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