Boris Schapiro

Boris Schapiro (1944): Mathematician, physicist, theologian, German and Russian language writer, and poet; graduated from Lomonossow Moscow State University in 1968; emigrated to Germany in 1975; and has been living in Berlin since 1996.

Schapiro composes verse using his theory of musical presemantics, which emerges from musical architectural perceptions developed by him in order to produce a finished auditory image effortlessly clothed in his words. He is known for drawing material from the poetic creations that comprise the poetic cultural heritage of all of humanity, from the Western world to the Orient and all the way through to the Far East - and from antiquity until the present day. It is in this way that Schapiro discovers new forms and sound compositions, while also preserving classic genres such as the Old Persian rubaiyat, now in German.

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