Axel Barner

Axel Barner, born in Hanover, studied German language and literature, history, philosophy and education at the Technical University of Berlin. After many years of residence in Istanbul, Bucharest, Saint Germain-en-Laye, and Addis Ababa, where he worked as a teacher and lecturer of German language, literature, and history, he has been living in Berlin again since 2015. Barner publishes cultural-historical, literary-scientific and literary texts, whereby his literary work revolves around the encounter with the foreign as well as intercultural experiences. Most recently, he published "Der Weg nach Timbuktu" (2014), "Frau Meier lügt! - eine Inspektion" (2019) and "Äthiopisches Album" (2021); in the series Einblattdrucke, PalmArtPress published "Ankunft in Addis Abeba" (Einblattdruck Nr. 131, together with Hélène Verger) and "Temeswar, Blicke" (Einblattdruck Nr. 165, together with Anntette Beisenherz).

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